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Pinkshift with Jigsaw Youth, and Yasmin Nur
Sat | Nov 5 6:30 pm
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Doors: 6:30PM Show: 7:30PM All Ages Bag Policy: -Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags (maximum size: 12x6x12) -Small clutch bags approximately the size of a hand (maximum size: 4.5x6.5, does not need to be clear). BIO Pinkshift aren?t an apologetic band. In fact, they?re a heavy, vehemently unapologetic punk band whose songs rail against prejudice and oppression while also examining in great depth the human condition. And yet Love Me Forever, the Baltimore, MD trio?s debut album, begins with an apology. ?I?m so sorry that you?re seeing me this way? spits Ashrita Kumar (they/them) at the start of opener ?i?m not crying you?re crying?, the first five syllables unaccompanied by music until the rush of guitars and drums ? played by Paul Vallejo (he/him) and Myron Houngbedji (he/him) respectively ? kicks in and the song accelerates into a frenzy of raw, ragged emotion (and denial thereof). Keep up to date with all our upcoming events by visiting The Echo's social media and website. @theechola

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